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2013-03-09 21:46:37 by Connordp10

You guys don't know this about me, but I am a HUGE pokemon fan, and when I heard pokemon x and y r coming out, I was really happy, but they have only released 6 pokemon ( now that I think about it ,it's the 6th gen, and they have only released 6 pokemon???? ) But on a separate note st.Patrick's day is right around the corner ( and I'm Irish btw ) so I hope every one enjoys that, and bu bye for now


2013-02-19 08:12:36 by Connordp10

sorry for being gone so long, ive been busy with school and stuff,so again, sorry. on a separate note i hope every one had a great valentines day, and for those who where lonely like me, i still hope u had a good valentines day.

Christmas eve

2012-12-24 10:21:08 by Connordp10

im so happy its christmas eve!!!!!!


2012-12-23 07:52:52 by Connordp10

only two days till christmas. I am so happy


2012-12-15 08:12:58 by Connordp10

with christmas break coming up i think i'll have more time to be on newgrounds ( only a week of school left in my way )


2012-11-24 07:57:38 by Connordp10

sorry i haven't been on for so long because of school and everyone coming over for thanksgiving, it's just been a little crazy.
so good bye for now.


2012-10-31 15:41:47 by Connordp10

happy halloween everyone, sorry i have no art for today because of school, so bye

new account

2012-10-17 15:47:02 by Connordp10

made a new account for the fun of it

Calling all animators

2012-10-01 16:29:38 by Connordp10

i have a song i want animated, but i suck at animating, so give me a shout if u want to animate the song for me

it has to wait

2012-09-27 18:42:37 by Connordp10

it will be a while till i post